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July 15, 2020


Have you noticed how obsessed some people are with their eyebrows regardless their gender? Eyebrows are one of the most prominent facial features we focus on at Chic and Posh Beauty Lounge because of the contrast they project and other many functions they perform. They help highlight the eyes, shape up the face, and play a very powerful role in communication.

Eyebrows can transform any face, give expressiveness to the look, and visually improve the overall appearance. Of course, there is a nuance – the shape of the eyebrows should ideally suit you.
Any makeup artist will tell you that each type of face requires a different approach to correcting the shape of eyebrows. If you perform it correctly, you can noticeably smooth out some of the flaws in appearance.

So how eyebrows can help look younger?

We, at Chic and Posh, believe that with eyebrows in general, it’s better not to chase trends.
A new study has proven that facial features, like eyebrows and lips, tend to stand out less as women get older. Because of that, people perceive faces with more contrast as younger.

So, you ask how to add contrast to your face? Simple! We have it all! The main thing is to focus on the shape of your face. If it is round, then eyebrows with a clear angle will do, they will visually make the face narrower. With an elongated shape, you should make straight eyebrows, so you can slightly reduce the oval.

4 types of eyebrows for the younger look:

  • Straight shape
    This shape of eyebrows visually makes a narrower face wider and soothes a sharp chin. Therefore, if the eyebrows do not have cuts, you need to maintain a straight shape. But you should be careful with makeup not to get a too strict look.
  • Curved shape
    This form looks very natural and does not disrupt the balance of facial features. This shape is easy to correct, just remove separately growing hairs. This form of eyebrows will make you look younger due to the lift of the upper eyelid.
  • Soft arch
    This shape of eyebrows perfectly accentuates facial features. It will make the look more expressive and convincing. But it is recommended to get this form in the salon, otherwise, one careless move can ruin everything.
  • High arch
    Such eyebrows visually enlarge the eyes and make the look expressive. Well-groomed high arch eyebrows are not that easy to get. So, let the professional take care of shaping them because, with self-plucking, the arch can turn out to be too sharp.

Besides shaping the eyebrows there are also other tips that will enhance the expressive look of your eyebrows.

  1. Darkening eyebrows to add contrast
    The light hair and dark brows is an easy look to assess. For blonds born naturally with this combination, it is all set. The blonds with light brows can quickly achieve a contrasting brow with a powder or pencil. For brunettes, it’s a bit arguable point. But you can do the reverse and try eyebrows that are lighter than the hair, this will make your eyes pop.
  2. Keep your eyebrows more natural.
    Don’t round them too excessively, do not thicken or thin them oddly. The natural shape of the eyebrows is ideal for those who do not like to use too much makeup and strive to maintain individuality in every detail. But it is worth remembering that the natural appearance of eyebrows also requires care and neatness.
  3. Mind the gap between the eyebrows

There is a simple and effective method to define the effective size of the gap. Take a pencil and press it vertically to your nostril. The point of intersection of the pencil and the first hairs will be the starting point of growth. Repeat the same procedure on the other side. You can safely remove those hairs that were in the region of the nose bridge.
Wider set eyebrows draw attention to the nose and can make it look broader. A wider gap often creates more of a youthful and softer look.
The smaller the gap between your brows, the slimmer your nose will appear, especially if you apply a contour from the inner edge of your eyebrows down towards your nostrils.

  1. Define the edges of your eyebrows
    The correct length of the eyebrows is very important: too long brows make the look sad, and short ones emphasize the asymmetry of the face. In addition, the hairs at the tips grow out quite slow and in case of a mistake, it will be really difficult to fix this area.

After all these procedures there is the daily maintenance of your eyebrows: you need to nourish them with oils, regularly comb with a brush, and use only high-quality coloring products. Slight strokes with a sharpened pencil will add volume, shading with the shadows will make the color more saturated, and the gel will fix the shape. These simple manipulations will make your eyebrows beautiful and well-groomed.

Of course, not everyone is born with perfectly-shaped eyebrows. So, to achieve an aesthetically-pleasing look, Chic and Posh eyebrows experts will help you get into the routine of getting your eyebrows trimmed, shaped, and filled professionally.

At Chic and Posh, say YES to Perfect eyebrows and younger look!