About us

About us

Chic and Posh Beauty Salon was created in 2013 it was to fill the niche in the market for a high standard, full-functional beauty lounge for charming women.

The name inspired by the services and professional therapists that was created for customers. The newly establish salon grew and soon expanded from a small team and still growing to fit the Posh customer needs.

Our philosophy

The power of beauty cannot be underestimated. It’s not frivolous or vain, for many women it is key to building confidence and self-belief. At Chic and Posh, we believe in the power of beauty.  As part of our commitment we will support self-expression by challenging stereotypes, supporting freedom of expression, democratizing beauty and representing a wide range of women.

The Chic and Posh Experience

A deep element of care, love and connection — with the guest, the service being provided, the products being used and the design of the entire self-care experience.

A brand that thinks differently — with an innovative, inspiring and creative take on all things beauty, spa and wellness.

An extra special, luxury experience — we bring our best to provide memorable and magical moments.

Safety, Health and Hygiene first — we only proceed when it is safe and wise to do so. People before profits.

A positive take on the beauty industry — Mindset, messaging and marketing to uplift and empower. We don’t use fear to sell products.