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April 15, 2020


Let your skin win over the constant climate changes!
We all love beautiful skin, beautiful faces, and we eventually get attracted to glowing skin. Everyone is attracted to beautiful faces… everyone feels drawn to them and aspire to have one. But what do we identify as “beautiful”?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what aspects make someone “gorgeous” or “beautiful”?
Beauties in Qatar, Ladies of Qatar, let’s find out!
There are actually several aspects to be considered when referring to someone’s appearance as beautiful and one of them is THE SKIN. It is easy to say which faces are attractive when looking at a set of photos. Usually, different people agree on which that are. But only few can precisely explain why they were attracted to those faces and consider them beautiful. Here comes the secret power of maintaining a healthy skin quality.

Faces that we deem attractive often share these common characteristics:
Symmetrical shape, large evenly spaced eyes, white teeth, a well-proportioned nose, perfectly lined lips, long neck and of course… FLAWLESS SKIN! The most essential aspect of looking beautiful or giving the impression of beauty is having flawless looking skin which is usually already hard to maintain because of the constant climate changes; some days are humid, others too dry. It is believed that most often, the facial skin tone and quality indirectly plays a major role in boosting one’s self confidence and eventually make them feel happy for the satisfaction and comfort they feel in their skin. After all, a healthy skin is a reflection of one’s overall wellness.
Despite the age, a woman’s beauty has the power to signal youth and fertility. This power is maintained by the healthy look of the skin especially in the facial area.

No matter how lucky you were to be born with a naturally gorgeous face, you will definitely need to have a good daily skincare routine to improve and maintain your skin.
Are home skin care routines enough to maintain your skin? No. Yet, they are very important!
It is very important to follow a daily skin care regime at home and drink the necessary amount of water but it’s not enough to give you the look you desire.

While it’s not a secret that you can make some home remedies to moisturize, hydrate your skin and make it glow, sometimes you will need to trust your face to true professionals and get a facial treatment at a professional spa such as Chic and Posh. The products used at Chic and Posh beauty lounge, are customized for your skin type. Our soothing facials hydrate, correct and enhance the quality of your skin and allow your face recover from the negative effects of the climate.
As the seasons change, so does our skin and what we look for in our skincare regime. In the summer months, we need products with a lighter texture to keep our skin calm in the warmer weather.
In the cooler months, we can repair the damage that those nasty UV rays have caused to our skin and repair it
Pigmentation can appear darker over the summer, and frustratingly we can’t treat it until the weather cools down. We have a range of pigmentation products containing ingredients to brighten the skin and regulate melanin synthesis – all of which work hard on dark spots and prevent further pigmentation from occurring.
Of course, it (almost!) goes without saying that our Lotion P50 range is specially formulated to gently exfoliate the skin, regulate excessive sebum secretion, moisturize and help maintain the epidermis’ acid pH.

Bottom line: To achieve the flawless skin look, getting a professional help once in a while is a must! Yes, We’re speaking of facial treatments.
Many think that the only 2 reasons for getting a facial treatment Acne and aging. For aging skin and acne patients, facial treatments are crucial but there are way more benefits and reasons to get a facial treatment.

So, what is a facial treatment?
A facial treatment is a relaxing skincare method requiring no surgical intervention. It is a cleansing process performed by licensed estheticians at professional spas and beauty salons that hydrates and nourishes the skin. Facials are gentle treatments that are perfect for the majority types of skin. During the treatment, the face is usually steamed, scrubbed, cleaned and exfoliated.
A spa facial treatment, such you can get at Chic and Posh in Doha, is far more than the well-known cleanse-tone-moisturize routine. There is no “one-fits-all” universal treatment for all skin types. That is why treatments vary according to the skin type and the result needed to achieve.
How does it work?
A facial treatment stimulates circulation, flushes excess water and toxins from the skin, moisturizes and stimulates collagen production to get the maximum results in a short period of time. Facial treatments are usually purchased in a package, at least once a month where results usually last about 1-2 weeks. but of course single treatments are as well amazing. They are useful for a bride at least a day before her wedding or special events such as red carpet and photo shoots. It is common for fashion photographers to insist on their models to receive a facial treatment preferably an oxygen facial a day before the photo shooting or even the same day so their faces look fresh, smooth and simply their best when make makeup glides on.

Short and long term benefits of facial treatments:
During and after the treatment immediately, the short-term benefits are already noticeable. When the treatment is done, the face feels completely clean, fresh, softer and more hydrated immediately. This makes the clients relaxed and once again more confident than ever.
After the treatment, Acne breakouts fade and gradually disappear and mature skin may feel plumper.
Facial treatments lead to better looking skin on the long term, especially when performed on a monthly basis.
Here are some of the common benefits of facial treatments:
• Relieve Psychological Distress and Reduce Stress
• Cleanse and detoxify your Skin
• Prevent Aging and wrinkles
• Achieve a Better Blood Circulation
• Rejuvenate
• Treat Acne and its marks
• Eliminate Whiteheads and Blackheads
• Treat pigmentation and whiten dark areas
The treatment differs according to the skin type and the reason why you chose to receive a facial treatment.

Here are some of the best facial treatment types offered by Chic & Posh, Doha:
• Mini facial
• Magic glow
• Eye whitening collagen
• Eye puffiness treatment
• Oxygenating facial
• Bio-lift facial
• Double exfoliation and acne
• Restructuring facial
• Skin whitening session
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As you can see, there are many ways to make your skin rejuvenated, silky and smooth. No matter the type, all facials are super beneficial. However, first, you will need to determine your skin type so you can pick the perfect facial treatment for you. You don’t have to worry about that part of course because our professionals will take care of your skin and provide the best services with outstanding hygiene ensuring your safety and beauty.
For more information, please check out our online brochure.

Even the best facial structure can be unbalanced by skin that is flawed.
After all, there is nothing like the feeling of smooth, silky and firm skin.

Ladies, you deserve to have a perfect face, don’t you?

Get appointed with our skin specialists who are fully trained on all our advanced products and all skin types for a specific skin diagnosis your personalized treatments.